We show that Iran is very safe for business


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Our effort is to have effective communication for the export of Nafta to Persian Gulf countries

The business manager of the Persian Gulf region of Lorestan Petrorefining Company, engineer Mohammad Amir Kamali, told our reporter: we are here in expo 2024 in Tehran in iran

this is amir from petro gahar lorestan we are a mini refinery which is personal which is private it is locaten in west Iran for 30 years old

it is found by our holy father the man himself the legend ( mr saiid mosavi ) and his two sons our brothers sayed mohamad hossein mosavi and doctor Mohamad mehdi mosavi which they are the founders of this refinery they are the owners
we are supplying too many supplements we are supplying for 30 year till now to Pakistan and Afghanistan and UAE
we have offices there and here we are supplying heavy end and light naphta and white spirit
we are trying more and more to have much more connections all around the world and being so far away from the war and problems between the political men and the governments all around the world
we are trying to show that Iran is so safe for having business
we are having so much fame with petrochemicals

crude oil and gas all around the world between so may countries so many continents we are known about our supplements like crude oul naphta hydrocarbon and so many other stuff
our refinery now is hoping to having your more and more
to be physical face to face having contracts and deals in expo 2025 and we have our address
it is our honor to work with you
as i talked we are a refinery located in west iran for 30 years our addresses and our locations are here as i told you ..hope to see you in expo 2025 thank you so much

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